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How To Choose Your Perfect First Dance

Ahh the first dance of husband and wife – what an elegant tradition. Having originated in the royal courts, the first dance was generally performed by the party’s guest of honor and was known to commence the festivities and open the dance floor. Imagine a prince and princess in extravagant attire spinning across a grand ballroom…the dance was waltz. Even the untrained eye will come to recognize it after watching Renaissance era blockbusters or admiring classic Disney princesses. Now, the honor of the first dance is passed on to modern day brides and grooms, should they choose to carry on the tradition. In truth, the dance of the old kingdom was Viennese waltz having blossomed out of the 1400’s, however...

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Thinking About a Themed Wedding?

You should be. Themed weddings have just as much flavor and personality as you. If you're classy and traditional, then be that. Think top hats of the supper club era, big band music echoing through a high ceiling venue, dress like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (take a few dance lessons to prepare), and sip on a signature cocktail to the likes of the Rat Pack, martinis and Manhattans. If you're down to earth, then be that! Go for an outdoor 'wedding in the woods' approach. Think whimsical lights strung through the open air, mason jar center pieces filled with earth elements or floating candles, a Bohemian headband rather than a veil, and signature cocktails served from copper mugs.  Well...

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