Thinking About a Themed Wedding?

You should be. Themed weddings have just as much flavor and personality as you. If you're classy and traditional, then be that. Think top hats of the supper club era, big band music echoing through a high ceiling venue, dress like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (take a few dance lessons to prepare), and sip on a signature cocktail to the likes of the Rat Pack, martinis and Manhattans. If you're down to earth, then be that! Go for an outdoor 'wedding in the woods' approach. Think whimsical lights strung through the open air, mason jar center pieces filled with earth elements or floating candles, a Bohemian headband rather than a veil, and signature cocktails served from copper mugs. 

Well now I'm just dreaming. My wedding is approaching next year, June 24th, 2018. It was set for June 24th of this year, but turns out we're having a baby first! Sweet little thing stole our wedding date. Can't wait to meet her, and now we'll have a homemade flower girl ;) Our wedding will be done in the theme of The Wizard of Oz, classy though not cliche. I've been a little Dorothy at heart since I can remember. So yes, as if I even need to say it, I will be wearing a tea length wedding gown to reveal my Swarovski covered ruby slippers. Our style is subtle. It won't look like a costume party! Our bridal party will be dressed as the patrons of the Emerald City in gorgeous gowns of green, and the gentlemen in navy blue, my fiances request. Our ushers will be stylishly dressed as munchkins, mother of the bride as Glinda. I found her the perfect dress! You get the idea. We'll have a live band or two playing bluegrass (we are in Arkansas) and jazz standards from the 1940's when the classic movie was just released. I could go on for pages, as could any excited bride to be. But really I wanted to give you inspiration to go for a themed wedding, however extravagant or subtle. They're gorgeous, unique, and super fun to attend, as a ballroom dance instructor and wedding industry aficiando, I've been to quite a few. 

In fact I just attended one of the best weddings I've ever been to a few days ago. It was a New Year's Eve event set in the prohibition era of the 1920's. Ceremony at 8PM, fancy h'orderves, a signature cocktail of "tea" as they called it back in those good 'ol days of "no drinking" when they really knew how to party! It was a delicious mixture of brandy, rum, champagne and a little tea and fruit to "keep it legal." Now I only had a sip since I've got a bun in the oven. The brides, yes brides, were dressed in gorgeous gowns of the art deco era and every single guest was dressed in theme, and well done mind you! This was not a costume party, it was an elegant transportation back in time. The band was well versed in the sounds of an earlier time, and we were there to bring the movement of the era, swing dance, Charleston, and jitterbug! What fun. It all concluded with a midnight champagne toast, vintage noise makers and bubbles in the air. Well done ladies, and congratulations!

So think twice as you begin to plan your perfect wedding. And dream big! Think outside the box and don't be afraid to go for it, whatever it is. It's your wedding, not your mother-in-laws. Have fun, be romantic, be silly or sexy. There is no one right way to throw the perfect wedding, only your way. Happy engagement ladies and gents! Enjoy the ride. 



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