Group Classes

In Eureka Springs

Group classes make for a fun and lively learning experience. Community thrives in the space of group classes where students are encouraged to own their new knowledge and practice their new skills in support of one another. We focus, we laugh, we sweat, we try and try again. Melonlight teachers are well versed in making your learning experience fun and effective. Whatever the intent of the class, whether serious, playful, spirited, or silly, you'll watch, learn, and grow. Students are encouraged to attend the same selection of classes each week to ensure steady progress, but trying out several classes to see which inspire you is a great way to start. Group classes are also the most affordable way to become a student at Melonlight, you'll be surprised how many classes you can attend. 


Drop in for a group class anytime at $15 per class per person. Attend between 2 and 19 classes in a calendar month and your rate drops to only $10 per class, or go all in with our unlimited pass at only $200 per month. Multiple class tuition is due by the 8th of each month. All rates and enrollments are for the calendar month of purchase only, no roll-overs or transfers.

For ages 11 and up check out Teen Performance Ensemble at only $75 per month, add on Street Theater for $50, and/or unlimited group classes for another $50. Teens who go all in will be dancing 11 hours per week for only $175 per month. Tuition is due by the 8th of each month.  

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