1. a play on the expression 'limelight,' to be in the spotlight, the focus of public attention.
    • "oh how she loved to be in the melonlight."
2. the swapping of citrus for a melon, a step toward the nontraditional, avant garde.
    • "would you like a glass of cool, refreshing melonade?"
3. a proper noun, a theater and school of ballroom dance and yoga located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
      • “Oh how I love the shows and classes at Melonlight.



    Melonlight began as a name, a seed of an idea in the hearts and minds of two young dancers who met, became friends, danced together, and fell in love. The idea was to never stop dancing, to never stop creating, and to always find a way to shine, on the dance floor, on the stage, and out in the world. And so it was...

    Melonlight was first born in Denver, Colorado as a school of dance for students of all ages with a specialization in partnering styles such as ballroom, Latin, swing and tango. We quickly created a niche for ourselves, not on purpose really, just out of being who we are, by upholding the disciplined and artistic nature of dance that our teachers instilled in us. The niche is hard to describe, and even harder to recreate: a community of friends who otherwise may not find a common place; an opportunity to watch, learn, and grow; a chance to move freely, to move with intention and to be in existence inside of your own playful and intuitive body; a place to be serious and focused; a place to laugh; a place to come alive. 

    We know the niche is something special because our beloved students have told us so. We, Melonlight founders Raymond and Emma, embraced a big life change as we moved east from the Rockies to the Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas. But the niche, the Melonlight, moved right along with us providing the fine folks of Eureka Springs, Arkansas with that same special something. 

    While partnership dancing still sits at the heart of the Melon, yoga has made a noticeable impact on our movement, awareness and spiritual practices, and has ushered in a new type of movement student. We are grateful for the expansion. Most recently we have relocated into our own performance venue, a unique "whitebox" theater that lends itself brilliantly to the unusual and immersive theatrical experiences that Melonlight is well versed in creating. 

    From a humble and gratified space, we invite you to join the Melonlight family, for a day, a week, or for years to come. We know that we have something special to share, and that it becomes special only when we share it thus making you the heartbeat of the Melon. Locals, tourists, weary wanderers, we invite you to join us for a group class, a private lesson, a party, or a show. We invite you to claim your space under the Melonlight.