Melonlight Performance Ensemble

Melonlight Performance Ensemble is an ever growing and eclectic group of movers; some of us with backgrounds in classical dance training, some ballroom, others gymnastics, some theater. By nature, we are all artists of varied mediums, so our projects spring forth from creative collaboration, countless hours of training, and most importantly a deep seated desire to see vision rise to fruition. Over the years Melonlight Ensemble has refined it's voice demanding from each original work: unfolding story, engagement of the senses, stylized choreography, delicate timing, captivating music, deep heart next to playful levity. Our shows are developed from a place of passion and carried to completion with an admirable attention to detail. The result is an original approach to live entertainment, our own unique style of immersive fusion theater. We'd love for you to see what we're up to, so come check out our latest show!

 Melonlight Performance Ensemble is available for hire.

  • Classes
  • Performances
  • Dance Hosting
  • Entertainment at your wedding or special event
  • Video & Film

Updated bios coming soon.

Emma Anne

co-owner / teacher / dancer / writer

Raymond Ulibarri

co-owner / teacher / dancer / photographer

Maggie Mae

dancer / theatrical stylist

Caia Claire

dancer / event coordinator

Jerry Watson

dancer / melon handyman