The Ballroom

Rental rates include a minimum of eight hours at the time of your choice; morning, noon, or night. Your basic rental includes use of our tables and chairs for up to 120 guests. Bring in your own team of family, friends, or vendors of your choice to set the space to your hearts desire or hire our team of professionals to assist you with set up, clean up, and more. Don't want to lift a finger? See our list of Preferred Vendors and let the pros handle the details.


March – November


December - February


    Need more than 8 hours? $100 for each additional hour. Inquire about discounted rates for rehearsal dinners and other special events.

    Optional Add-Ons

    Set Up

    Our staff is ready and willing to help you prepare for your unique event. Bring in our staff for two hours to set the space to your specifications. Set up hours must be scheduled within your rental block.


    Clean Up

    Your big day is one to remember, and often one that requires rest and relaxation after celebration. Bring in our staff for two hours and leave the clean up to us. Clean up hours must be scheduled within your rental block.



    All Melonlight Ballroom events require renters to provide their own alcohol – a great way to make the most of your budget and accommodate every guest. We have experienced bartenders available to service your event while you enjoy the festivities.

    $200 for 4 hours service (minimum).

    $50 for each additional hour.

    Linens & Dining Ware

    Enjoy the use of our classic dining ware and fresh pressed white linens. Choose any caterer you desire, provide your own fare, or browse our preferred vendor list to see our favorite local options. 


    Wedding/Party Crashers

    Hire Melonlight dance professionals to keep the party going! Services include dance hosting, mini classes and orignal live performance themed to suit your event. Learn more.

    Starting at $400

    RID Photography

    Hire Raymond Image & Design to capture the magic moments of your special event. Custom packages available. Learn more.

    Starting at $200


    You are welcome to mix and match any of our services with the Create Your Own Package feature but here's a few of our favorite pairings.




    8 Hour Rental 12 Hour Rental 12 Hour Rental
    Set Up Set Up Set Up
    Clean Up Clean Up Clean Up
    Bartender (4 hour) Bartender (4 hours)
    2 Wedding Crashers (2 hours)
    Mar - Nov $1900 Mar - Nov $2500 Mar - Nov $2900
    Dec - Feb $1600 Dec - Feb $2200 Dec - Feb $2600
    Find on ww primary 2x