Rave Reviews

Because we wear so many hats here at the Melon: as performers and producers, as special event aficionados, and as seasoned educators, you'll see reviews from a variety of our clients: our audience members, our brides and grooms, and our students. But you'll notice the common thread... We always deliver amazing service with love in our hearts. We are honored to serve you.

"I love Melonlight!"

"You are such amazing dancers! It has been a joy and honor to learn from you and dance with you! You make it so much fun! I look forward to more in the coming year!"

"You guys give me a reason to get up and move! I have been dancing with Melonlight for two years now and I can't wait to begin another wonderful year of dance! Dance has become a special part of my life thanks to Em and Ray."

"I love being around all of you! You are great, amazing, and uplifting people. I love your classes and your wonderful work."

"Finding Melonlight has literally changed my life."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you do with the flash mobs and theater productions. I didn't realize how much I missed that part of my life until I started doing it again. Dancing is like sunshine, without it everything else in life is dull. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much! I had so much fun performing and will definitely be dancing with Melonlight a lot more!"

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