We Love Connection

Raymond and Emily are at it again - finding new ways to put their creative energy to use, and this time there's lots of love to go around!

We Love Connection is a brand new baby - a worldwide Date Night Experience for incredible couples who value time together, the spirit of adventure, and the power of connection. 

Follow Raymond and Emily as they create constant new adventures through the joys of married life, pursuing their dreams big and small, sharing the inspiration, and inviting others to join them on the journey. 

Coming soon, you and your sweetie can join the We Love Connection community and co-create amazing Date Nights that instill lasting change and the fulfillment of dreams. This is not your usual dinner and a movie. 

WLC Date Nights will always include three important components, the ones that Raymond and Emily have built their 16+ year relationship on:

  1. Conversation
  2. Co-creation
  3. Connection

All the exciting details will unfold soon, so stay alert on our social media and join our mailing list below. This journey is one worth joining.

Ahh, I'm bubbling with excitement, can't wait to tell you more!