Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence.

 We offer a variety of approaches to Hatha Yoga emphasizing the work of the body (asana), the work of the breath (pranayama), and the work of the mind and spirit (sadhana). In a world where yoga is growing and evolving, we encourage students to try a variety of classes to find the style that suits their current state of body, mind, and spirit. Some may enjoy the more expressive nature of vinyasa (flowing sequence) yoga where we connect our inner and outer worlds through the breath; others may be drawn to the earthbound and relaxing practices of restorative yoga; some prefer to focus on proper alignment highlighting the health of the spine, others may seek to enlighten the spirit through the practices of mantra, yogic theory, and deep meditation. The philosophy at Melonlight is that all yoga is right, in it's own right. Each unique practice serves a specific purpose in a specific time and space. So whatever it is that compels you to practice yoga is also right. We offer group classes, private lessons, and workshops. Join us at the Melon and dive deep into an ocean of yoga. 

Om shanti shanti shantihi

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