Ballet Workshop with Tamara Jonason

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This workshop is open to beginner and intermediate students and will explore how ballet is the backbone of many dance techniques. The most beautiful dancers have an understanding of ballet in their bodies, even if their favorite dance form is ballroom, hip hop or break dance. Despite it's inherent softness, you may be surprised just how powerful ballet really is. 

Join Eureka Springs Ballet Queen Tamara Jonason, and don't miss it because you may not get another chance to learn from her here! She's is relocating to share her knowledge and passion in Colorado! 

She is ever kind, understanding, and can help enlighten your body with new technique and understanding of this beautiful form. We encourage everyone to join. You will be challenged, you will be delightfully sore, you will be inspired. 

PS Don't worry if you don't have shoes. Bare feet are just fine!

Tuesday July 10th


at the Melonlight Ballroom