Beginner's Blues + Swing Workshop

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We love love love the blues! Who would've thought that singing about heartache would give rise to one of the most playful, sultry, and wild dances of the ballroom world. Blues dancing is actually a part of the swing family of dances, but it definitely oozes a style unto itself, like honey on the dance floor. 

In this workshop students will learn the basic dynamic movement and style of blues dance all packed into a sequence that will be learned over the course of two hours. Dance is a mixture of technique, musicality, and expression so be prepared to let your emotions play too. Despite the sadness of blues music, blues dancing is sure to evoke laughter and smiles.

This workshop is open to all levels, and we strongly encourage beginners. No partner, no experience, no commitment needed. Just join us on the dance floor to try something new. 

Wednesday March 21st


At The Melonlight Ballroom