Dance & Yoga
A Melonlight couple in a dance lift
Raymond and Emma dancing Argentine Tango at the Basin Spring Park
Melonlight performance ensemble in rehearsal
Melonlight performing at DIA
Raymond and Emma dancing a tango

Dance & Yoga

$ 50.00

Our certified and experienced pros specialize in partnership dance and yoga. Book a private lesson and learn any style of ballroom, Latin, swing, tango or country. Learn the finer details of leading and following to deepen the communication between you and your partner and flow freely on the dance floor. No partner or experience needed. The dance floor is open to all!

Try a private yoga session as a beginner or to expand your current practice. Our teachers will focus on alignment, vinyasa, restoration, pranayama, meditation, or mantra at your request. Even if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, our teachers will guide you naturally into a peaceful and profound practice. Om Shanti! 

Check out our schedule and drop in for a group class.

Text, call or email to book your private lesson.

Learn about and enroll in Street Theater here. 

"Finding Melonlight has literally changed my life."

"You are such amazing dancers! It has been a joy and honor to learn from you and dance with you! You make it so much fun! I look forward to more in the coming year!"

"You guys give me a reason to get up and move! I have been dancing with Melonlight for two years now and I can't wait to begin another wonderful year of dance! Dance has become a special part of my life thanks to Em and Ray."

"I love being around all of you! You are great, amazing, and uplifting people."


"Dancing is like sunshine, without it everything else in life is dull. Thank you!"


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