Quarantine Dance Dates

Quarantine Dance Dates

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$ 47.00

In this super special, social-distancing dance experience, we're delivering LIVE dance lessons for couples from our living room to yours. 


This 5 week series is perfect for beginners or those wanting to deepen their connection. You'll learn:

  • Basic movements that can be danced to any music
  • Clear communication through the powerful language of lead and follow
  • Musicality and styling tips
  • How to make use of small dance spaces (like a living room or a crowded floor)
  • How to enjoy the nostalgic romance of dancing in each other's arms - it truly is a skill that's only fun once you know how to do it smoothly!
  • What to do instead of Netflix + Chill
  • How to tune out your kiddos while you dance the night away, just kidding, sort of ;)

Live sessions will be delivered through a private Facebook group every Thursday in April at 7PM CST. We encourage you to join us live, interact and get your questions answered. The video lesson will be available anytime if you can't join us live or if you'd like to revisit the content and make another dance date out of it. 

This is a one time offer for only $47 - that's less than a cup of coffee each per week. In the future, a similar program will be $197 or more and will not be delivered live. So join us now and let's dance together...at a safe social distance.