Melonlight Ensemble performing outside
Raymond with a member of the kids ensemble
Group Street performance by Melonlight
Staged production including Melonlight's teen performance ensemble
Rehearsal for a street performance
Melonlight performer Caia
Group outdoor performance

Scholarship Fund for Teen Performance Ensemble

$ 25.00


This summer we realized that our Teen Performance Ensemble program is so awesome that more kids should get the opportunity to be involved. The amazing kiddos that are already participating are learning, growing and expanding in truly beautiful ways. We are on a mission to raise a scholarship fund that will allow four dedicated teens to join our program for the entire 2018 year. They will learn the art of ballroom dance and all the confidence, poise, and grace that comes along with it; they will get to co-create an original show for stage; they will get to perform again and again; they will make lasting friendships; they will discover new interests and new strengths; they will become a part of a loving family of artists, dancers and creators; they will become an integral part of Melonlight, and that, I can promise, is worth a lot.

So far, we've raised $1520 of our $6000 goal. Thank you to those community members in Eureka Springs for your generous contributions. Now, it's time to expand our reach and raise the rest. Our suggested contribution is $50. If you would like to contribute more or less, we will love and appreciate any amount. And the teens who get to benefit from these funds will really LOVE and APPRECIATE you! Keep reading or watch the videos to learn more about our program and how it makes a lasting difference in the lives of those who participate. 

How Does Ballroom Dance Positively Affect Our Kids?

The benefits are endless. First, we instill discipline and teach the value of community. Teens in our program commit to being a part of the ensemble, to showing up to each class and rehearsal with punctuality and a positive attitude. They are given a unique role in performances that only they can fill, making them an integral and irreplaceable part of the group. Second, we teach confidence and presence. These skills are valuable in the dance world and in 'real life.' It's the character quality that makes us approachable, desirable, and hireable. Third, we teach clear communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Our students are encouraged to use their voices in a clear and kind manner, to regard their bodies with care, and to connect to others with gentle and sophisticated touch. Fourth, we encourage creativity. Our creativity is the source of our individuality, innovation, and mental and emotional expression. Let it shine!

Notice I haven't mentioned foxtrot, waltz, or cha cha yet? That's because the details of each dance are simply the tools used to teach more valuable and applicable lessons. Believe it or not, but the value of learning ballroom dance had very little to do with dance. But those benefits exist too. Our students can engage with others on the dance floor at social events, weddings, parties, and more. They overcome shyness and 'wallflower syndrome' at dance events and otherwise. They help keep the American tradition of social dance alive for future generations. 

As lifetime students of dance and founders of a dance based business, my partner and I are proof of the many benefits of learning to dance. Over the course of my journey my confidence has soared, my shyness has dissolved, my career path has defined itself, and my creativity has found a home.

Help build the Teen Performance Ensemble Scholarship Fund enabling four new students to join our program and experience the many benefits of ballroom dance. 


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