Street Theater
Street Theater
Street Theater

Street Theater

$ 20.00

Street Theater with Melonlight is an experience unlike any other. We really mean that; our loving students have told us so time and time again. Each Street Theater project takes on a unique theme to suit the performance day event, the season, or perhaps some crazy vision from the directors of Melonlight. You'll grow a lot in the rehearsal process, combining dance, theater, and igniting your own incredible flair that will come to life in the streets of Eureka Springs. Cast members, like you, will have the chance to develop their own costume based on our professionally designed look boards. Each performance is customized to the cast; you'll enjoy the camaraderie, commitment, and likely, surprise yourself come performance day. If it makes you nervous... you should probably do it. Go on, give it a try.   



January 11th-May 3rd Wed 8-10PM DANCING IN THE PARK Saturday April 22nd
January 11th-May 3rd  Wed 8-10PM SALSA NIGHT Thursday May 4th
May 10th-July 19th Wed 8-10PM DANCING IN THE PARK Saturday July 22nd
July 1st-July 29th Sat 11-1PM DIVERSITY WEEKEND Saturday August 5th 
Aug 2nd-October 25th Wed 8-10PM ZOMBIE CRAWL Saturday October 28th 

Nov 1st-Dec 13th Wed 8-10PM


  • $20 tuition covers one rehearsal only. All rehearsals are $10 per student per hour. 
  • Tuition must be paid by the 8th of the month.
  • Classes may be used in the month of purchase only.
  • No rollovers or transfers.
  • Street Theater requires a 1-4 month commitment depending on the particular project. See dates above.  
  • Opt for our Unlimited Group Class package and Street Theater rehearsals are included.
  • There is a day of performance fee of $30 due one week prior to the performance date. 

"Dancing is like sunshine, without it everything else in life is dull. Thank you!"

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